Our Products


Having our own factory means that we are hands-on with each and every job and we can be flexible to cater to the requirements of your project.


We are proud to support the Australian economy and as such almost all of the products we use are sourced in Australia.

All our carcass units are made from 100% Australian made HMR board (High Moisture Resistant). This means that your cabinets will be durable and stand the test of time.

Our two-pack painted products are of the highest standard, each panel is painted with a minimum of three coats, this equates to high quality and high durability.


Inotech silent-close system on drawers (metal-sided drawer)

Side-mounted ball-bearing soft-close runners (16mm solid timber drawers)

Standard side-mounted ball-bearing runners (16mm solid timber drawers)


We deal only with reputable suppliers in Adelaide, some of these include Laminex industries, Hettich Australia and Artia.